Our mission:
make investing collaborative

The beginning

We started Finary in April 2020 with the core belief that no one should have to invest alone - that anyone could become a better investor when given access to the right resources, tools, and community.

The present

Today, we enable this core belief by building the best investing chat experience possible, but our ambitions go far beyond this.

The future

In the future, Finary will be the home for investing on the Internet. A third place where people around the world come together to invest alongside their friends, family, and communities.

Our investors

We’re backed by fantastic firms, angels, investing creators, and even a DAO.

Upfront Ventures
Dash Fund
OrangeDAO 🍊
Y Combinator
Austin Hankwitz
Lenny Rachitsky
Eden Chen
CEO, Pragma
James Beshara

along with many others!